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   Posted by Richard J. Panofsky on 09/04/04 at 5:13 PM

Subject:   Charlie Ashbaugh of Mancos Colorado

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My interest is in a Charles or Charlie Ashbaugh who served in 1910 as a guide to the Mesa Verde ruins for my great grandfather, a painter. My great grandfather's writings about this trip name his guide variously Charles Ashleigh or Charles Ashborough, but it was typical for him to get names a little wrong! And Ashbaugh is a well-known name in the Mancos/Mesa Verde area. I have text from Joseph Ashbaugh's obituary in a local paper. There is also a reference to a Charles, brother of Joseph, who was at his bedside when he died. This may be the Charles or Charlie who guided my great grandfather.

Now, here is the thing about this Charles: my great grandfather narrates that Charles was his personal guide on a four-day trip in summer of 1910 into the ruins and back, with time for painting, and also tells of an almost certainly fictitious discovery of a new, unknown ruin. He tells that his guide Charles had previously been a cornet player in the circus. My Great grandfather's narrative makes a reference to another person whom I have no idea about, named "Outing," perhaps associated with the circus, perhaps a current employer of this Charles. Since Joseph died in 1892 at age 40 and one imagines his brother Charles to be roughly of contemporary age, if this is the Charles who was a guide for my great grandfather in 1910 he could have been fifty or more years of age. But the narrative gives an impression of a younger person. Might there be another Charles Ashbaugh in the Mancos/Mesa Verde area (a Charles Jr.)? On the other hand, Charles the brother of Joseph is mentioned in the local paper the year after Joseph's death as helping guide a party visiting the Mesa Verde ruins. So it may well be that Charles (brother of Joseph) was the guide in question and was telling of his own youth when talking to my great grandfather of his circus days. Perhaps his circus experiences occurred back in Kentucky, where Joseph and presumably Charles were born.

Goodness, this all sounds confusing! Please reply to tell if you (or Greta Davidson) have information that could help, and also if you are interested in seeing my great grandfather's narrative material.

Richard J. Panofsky
291 Fairview Avenue
Rehoboth, MA 02769
508 252 5736


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